Carta de México has interviewed the founder of sabormex, D. Antonio Perez:

If you can buy and taste in spain red mexican sauce, chiles, beans or pico de gallo from mexico, it´s because the hard work done by don antonio perez and his company sabormex.

The entrepreneur spirit of don antonio began in the year 2000 after visiting mexico and watching the mexican market, he decided to distribute mexican food in spain. he founded comercial tex mex actual sabormex. nowadays sabormex has more than 800 clients, making special mention to restaurants and specialized shops in which you can find any mexican product.

Antonio says: “it`s been a really hard work during these years because when we began, we didnt know much about the mexican food although thanks to our clients we started to identify the main products. nowadays we keep learning about traditional mexican food”

It is very hard to get the confidence of the clients, although thanks to our hard work, persistence and good and wide range of product we keep enlarging our list of clients. the purpose is to get over 5000 clients. it is a really important goal for us. our mexican restaurant clients in spain, especially in madrid, are very good and very professional. always full of satisfied customers.

Most of the mexican restaurants are in madrid and barcelona, although we have distributors all around spain such us alicante, tenerife, cadiz, las palmas, mallorca and sevilla.

“the idea is to supply any mexican product to any client interested, they just have to contact us and we will answer to any demand”

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